Aftercare Products

Ceramic Boost (473 mL)

SKU: 152018

Recommended retail price

XPEL Ceramic Boost helps protect your foil and varnish by sealing the surface with a super thin protective layer. Dirt, dirt and scratches are resisted while dust and lint are repelled.

Detail Spray (473 mL)

SKU: 152019

Recommended retail price

XPEL Detail Spray is the perfect product for intermediate washes. Also easy for the finishing touch after cleaning or a quick cleaning when your vehicle does not have to be washed but contains light dust, fingerprints and / or stains.

Rinse-Free Car Wash (473 mL)

SKU: 135001

Recommended retail price

XPEL Rinse-Free Car Wash is composed of a unique formulation that encapsulates the dirt with a polymer that prevents scratches or damage to the paint. Mix 30mL with 4 liters of water and you have a fast, safe and effective way to clean your car anytime and anywhere without clutter and without wasting water. Simply wipe and dry! XPEL Rinse-Free Car Wash can also be used safely on XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating.

Flawless Finish Paint Protection Film Cleaner (16 Oz)

SKU: R1331

Recommended retail price

XPEL Paint Protection Film Cleaner is designed to extract most environmental deposits such as tar, oil, hard water stains, bug acids and other contaminants from Polyurethane paint protection films. Its deep cleaning action restores the clear, glossy, freshly-installed appearance of the original film.

XPEL Paint Protection Film Sealant (16 Oz.)

SKU: R1326

Recommended retail price

XPEL Film Sealant is an acrylic polymer product that is purpose-made for protecting any aliphatic urethane paint protection film. Attaching itself at a molecular level, the sealant forms a hardened barrier when exposed to UV light. By sealing off the pores in the film, the sealant will reduce absorption of pollutants, tar, and pollen; as well as staining due acid rain, hard water and bugs by 90%. Because this product is engineered specifically for Aliphatic Polyurethane, it is much more durable on Paint Protection Film than other waxes and polishes. Apply XPEL Film Sealant monthly for maximum protection.

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