What Is? – XPEL Paint Protection Film

XPEL Paint protection film (PPF) is the barrier between your paint and stone-chips, minor abrasions, bug splatter, bird droppings, swirl marks, road debris and contaminants. Paint Protection Film is also known as Clear film or clear Bra and gives you the peace of mind while enjoying your car – whether it’s to the local shops, a country highway, unkept motorways or even on the track. 

Porsche 911 992 wrapped in XPEL

It is very different from colour change vinyl films and was originally invented to protect helicopter blades from excess impact and wearing out. XPEL PPF is a 3 layer clear film that offers much more thickness than vinyl, and much more protection.

PPF is very popular in the USA, growing in the UK and Europe, but Australia is a late adopter due mostly to lack of education, marketing and training. But that changed in the early 2000’s when XPEL entered the market with world-leading film, cutting edge technology of patterns and the most advanced training.

BMW M2 Being wrapped in XPEL

Toyota Landcruiser wrapped in XPEL

XPEL PPF has a number of features and benefits that make it perfect for all vehicles and their intended use. XPEL Ultimate Plus was the first PPF with the ability to ‘self-heal’ in the event of a scuff or minor scratch to the film; meaning with the heat of the sun or hot water, it will return to its optically clear form again.

XPEL protects paint underneath from scuff

PPF is not the same as a regular ‘Car Paint Protection’ with most only offering a ceramic coating of sort. PPF offers a much stronger and durable solution to protecting your car, a physical membrane wrapped over your paint. Whilst a ceramic coating may protect against certain weather and contaminants – it will not have the same effect as PPF against stone chips, swirl marks, and actual impact damage.

However if you want the best of both worlds XPEL Fusion is a Ceramic Coating that can be applied over the top of XPEL Paint Protection Film to offer easy washing, super hydrophobicity and extra slickness and gloss.

765LT Being wrapped in XPEL

XPEL PPF or Clear Bra is only available from approved and trained installers. There is a growing network around Australia, and already in most major cities, it is not available for DIY of home application due to the complexity of install and the conditions needed.

Every XPEL Dealer offers a range of installations including a number of popular packages:

Full frontal coverage: as it suggests covering all the areas at the front of the car that are subject to the most impact damage.

Track pack: as above with the addition of side skirts, around rear arches and the extra places where track debris flings up.

Complete Car Protection: literally every inch of your car paint being covered.

Defender in XPEL Stealth creating the matte finish

XPEL has one of the largest pattern libraries in the world, meaning we computer cut the film and then fit the pattern to your car. A number of other installers do not have such sophisticated technology and instead apply a bulk piece of film and then cut around your panels to try and make it fit, hopefully avoiding cutting your paint or trim. 

PPF is available from a growing number of places but we believe XPEL offers the best Paint Protection Film, the best Patterns for your Car, and the best trained Installers to make it fit and look amazing, with long lasting protection for years to come.  

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